Business Division

The business division will largely cater for the business world with a number of deliverables namely:-

The Corporate Sector  largely attends to the needs of the corporate world with a number of target specific deliverables that meets their needs:-

  • Executive Programmes – a number of modules mounted to help corporate executives grow capacity in diverse needs in Leadership, HCD, Achieving Results, Performance management, Six Sigma, Work-life Balance, Online Business Management, Digital Marketing and use of Social Media in Brand Management.
  • Virtual Conferences – business conferences to share ideas and show-case best practice are mounted on a regular basis. Output from this conferences is published in the Business Resilience Journal.
  • Virtual Executive Club – hooks-up/creates networks for business executives to share ideas and best practices.
  • Benchmarking – conducts tours [virtually or otherwise] to share best practice.

SMEs Sector supports the SMEs to grow via:-

  • Capacity Building programmes – custom made programmes to grow capacity
  • Virtual conferences – mount conferences
  • Benchmarking – share best practice
  • Incubation – support SMEs in need of a holding hand to grow
  • Virtual club – create support network

Family Business – support family businesses to grow via:-

  • Succession planning – support capacity 
  • Capacity Building – custom made programmes to grow capacity
  • Family Business vs Family – support creation of balance
  • Incubation – holds hands of start-ups through the turbulence phases of business and win them over time.

Start-ups – nurtures start-ups through their formative years via incubation.

NGOs – supports NGOs to grow capacity via training, conferences and benchmarking clubs.

Business Health – works with a health professional to deliver health related practical health sessions on mental/emotional health and business given the level of emotional turbulence and anxiety business owners are going through in this Covid-19 pandemic environment.

Consultancies – provides custom-made business solutions to organizations by way of supporting specified business assignments [as the case may be] and successfully delivers them.

Training – Graduate Hub mounts periodic short term training on a need basis to corporates or groups on a need basis.

Conferences – conducts periodic professional/business gatherings [online or otherwise] to share experiences and advance thoughts in contemporary areas.

Business Ranking – Graduate Hub has developed matrix that tracks/captures sector performance trends to challenge businesses to deliver value, best practice and value for money while striving to continually improve their performance.

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