Graduate Support Division

We support continuing graduate students through their research journey by providing them with:-

  • Custom-made and subject-specific lectures/tutorials – a number of subject specific tutorials are offered to support learners in their research journeys.
  • Mentor/Mentee program – learners are linked-up to provide one-on-one sessions with subject experts on research agenda, sharpen their research works and successfully boost their confidence and completions thereby reducing graduate learners attrition rate.
  • Colloquiums – periodic colloquiums for both Masters and PhD students are mounted that bands subject specialisms together; so as to sharpen research skills in all spectrum under our mandate.
  • Graduate Publications – a graduate incubator journal  to grow/mentor graduate students’ writing skills as a working paper series is provided to nurture and finally publish in high impact journals.
  • Graduate conferences – biannual conferences are held for both Master’s and PhD students and provides an opportunity to showcase their research works and receive support besides and demonstrate the mentor/mentee relationships.
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