Higher Educations Institutions Capacity Building Division

Higher Education Institutions are facing huge challenges and the prevailing novel Covid-19 environment is complicating delivery of quality online deliverables. Thus, Graduate Hub is providing the following institutional capacity building initiatives:-  

  • Online teaching – Graduate Hub is providing short courses on online teaching, examining and resource development for HEIs teachers and lecturers to deliver online.
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Practice [PGCHEP] – a certificate that is custom-made [PGCHEP programme] is mounted to reskill teachers/lecturers capacity to effectively deliver teaching and create a conducive learning environment particularly for HEIs teachers/lecturers without prior teaching experience.
  • Research and Publication – build capacity in research and publication. Custom-made modules to grow publication skills are provided and a dedicated journal “the Graduate Hub Educator” is availed to mentor their works before publishing them in High Impact Internationally referred journals.
  • Grant Writing Skills – workshops on grant writing are mounted to support university staff and other organizations on writing successful grants.
  • Cases for HEIs Clearing House – Graduate Hub develops a suite of cases for HEIs and work with HEIs to use their compilation for their use and currently serves as a Case Clearing House for Africa’s HEIs.
  • Text Books – Graduate Hub is developing learning resources in needy areas of HEIs particularly for learning materials with local content.
  • Higher Education Rankings – Graduate Hub has developed a metric to rank HEIs performance to challenge institutions to excel and deliver value for money for Kenyans as well as advance though on performance in HEIs. Programmes and deliverables are scrutinised to appreciate those striving to excel and urge those not to improve.
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