The need to open up Higher Education access while at the same time flexing learning to accommodate various learner developmental needs continues to be a challenge to grapple with particularly in developing countries. In Africa and Kenya in particular graduate students continue to record the lowest completion rates, for a whole host of reasons, with inability to access university learning and general lack of campus support during term-time being the number one reason.

This is exactly the opportunity that the Graduate Hub seeks to utilize by providing un-paralleled flexible superior Higher Education support using the best talents in Kenya and across the world 24/7 in the student’s entire learning journey and thereby giving learners superior learning experiences.

Graduate Hub has in its establishment a number of renowned academics and practitioners in Business and Industry (in their diversity) that creates an unparalleled learning experience that reignites learners’ passion into transforming knowledge into completions and real life applications.

Simply put, Graduate Hub's mission is to transform graduate studies into completions and progress those with entrepreneurial passion into businesses. Moreover, Graduate Hub nurtures family and SMEs through its proven Business Incubation Framework to grow while giving custom-made business solutions to corporate, County and National governments by way of consultancies, training and other capacity building assignments to rebuild their critical resilience.

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